Creation of
Virtual Stores

Customized options, global reach, customer retention, and data analytics.

Turn your ideas into success with an e-shop and increase your sales and reach new customers without stress and waste of time.

Intuitive and complete online store


Expand your online sales with ease

We offer virtual stores integrated with marketplaces and ERP systems, with centralized management of product registrations. Commissions for each marketplace can be easily configured, allowing sales in dozens of places according to customer preference.

Store features

Design Premium

Develop your brand's visual identity and offer an exceptional shopping experience to your customers with a premium design, aligned with the latest trends and technologies, making your store even more attractive and easy to use on any screen size and device.

Support and Maintenance

With our highly skilled technical support, you can focus on efficiently managing your sales without having to worry about complex technical issues. Let us take care of these details for you, and enjoy the peace of mind of having an online store running smoothly and without interruptions.

How it works?


Strategic Diagnosis

We conduct a complete diagnosis through conversations to determine the best options for your virtual store, considering the technologies, products, target audience, and relevant indicators, in order to ensure optimal functionality and value for your company.



Based on the diagnosis made, we apply the best practices for creating virtual stores to develop the ideal functionalities for your company. We perform rigorous tests to ensure the optimal functioning of your online store.


Support and Hosting

We offer fast and efficient service through direct communication with our team via WhatsApp, without the need for long waiting times or complex ticket systems.


Leandro Vieira
Leandro Vieira
Estou muito satisfeito e agradecido com a equipe Wdevel, especialmente com a integração do Bling ao site da loja virtual! Ficou tudo perfeito! Super recomendo!
matheus rossi
matheus rossi
Deixo aqui meu depoimento pois gostei bastante! Fizeram nossa loja e integraram com o sistema ERP, ficou tudo perfeito. Recomendo muito!
Carol Schwabel
Carol Schwabel
Atendimento excelente e ótimos resultados! Certamente voltarei a contratar mais vezes!
Fabiano Carvalho
Fabiano Carvalho
Super recomendo a WDevel! Ótimos profissionais, serviço de qualidade e suporte excelente.
Gabriel Bragatti Stocch
Gabriel Bragatti Stocch
Ótimo trabalho! Recomendo muito!